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Become a Lortu coach

Now you can transform your passion into your business thanks to the LORTU project. The objective is to become a business coach capable of guiding and helping other entrepreneurs with your experience and career.

Are you passionate about coaching?

Now your experience can be your business thanks to the LORTU Coach project. The objective: to become a consultant capable of guiding and helping other entrepreneurs with your experience and career. What do you need?
If you have contacts and are well connected in your area of ​​activity and enjoy helping other entrepreneurs, this may be the business you need. The coach position requires extensive experience in business management and a defined business profile.
Become a Lortu coach

What do we offer you?

All the training and support you need to start working as a coach.
LORTU system license

You will become part of a multidisciplinary team of coaches with extensive experience in business consulting.

Commercial and marketing support

We advise you on business plans, promotions, marketing, management plan and how to improve the profitability of your project.

We advise and accompany you

We put all our experience and specialized knowledge in coaching and business consulting at your disposal.

A growing industry

In times of crisis, it is an exponentially growing business and has become a highly relevant sector.

Formation programs

We offer you continuous training on the business coaching system developed by LORTU Coach.

Professional development

By helping others grow, you will grow. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the people who make up the organization.

Why join the LORTU Coach project?

Because our work methods, training and coach support are proven and work.

Advantages of being part of LORTU

You will be the owner of your own business, which implies being the owner of your time. You will acquire a know-how from the matrix that will allow you to evolve as a professional. You will be nurtured by the experience of a consolidated team in its sector. You will not start from scratch, and you will become part of a business that has already been verified and profitable. You will develop an activity that will allow you to grow personally and professionally.
Become a Lortu coach
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